Martin Castro is the site superintendent with one of our long-time clients, a coal-fired power generating plant. During a recent routine safety audit, we once again noted that Martin and his crew maintain an excellent work ethic.

In addition to the Liberty trailer, break room, and scaffold yard being kept in immaculate condition, the overall site is clean, organized, and well maintained (and it’s not easy to claim that a coal-fired plant is clean!). Martin’s positive can-do attitude is evident to all — including the client, who just renewed a one-year maintenance contract with Liberty Industrial Group.

Martin has been at the site three years, and typically oversees between eight and fifteen employees. This particular project entails Liberty’s scaffold and insulation services, as well as safety and hole watch for confined spaces.

Suspended Scaffolds

During our latest audit, we observed Martin and his crew building suspended scaffolds 35’ above the working deck — which, in this case, was six stories high. The plant engineer had requisitioned the work so that his team will be able to install lighting at the top of the crusher tower. Martin’s crew, working in a chain line fashion, lit their work with headlamps attached to their hard hats.

It’s difficult to see what’s happening in the image below, but notice the scaffold built along the right side (of the picture). It extends across the top of the image as the team builds the suspended scaffolding.

suspended scaffold is built along the ceiling
Suspended scaffolds built by the Liberty team will allow the employees of this power generating plant safe access to the ceiling, where they will install track lighting.

Exterior and Interior Insulation

Martin and his crew installed insulation (both blanket and mineral) in April during a routine plant outage. The exterior insulation will protect the pipes from freezing during the winter; the insulation on the pipes inside the unit (covering the extreme heat pipes) conserves energy and protects plant workers from incidental burns. Liberty also insulated the plant’s primary air fan with mineral wool and protective metal sheeting.

Liberty installs insulation at a power generating plant
By insulating the pipes inside this power generating plant, our client conserved energy, helped the environment, and added an extra layer of safety for nearby workers to prevent incidental burns.

Long-Term Scaffold Rentals

In addition to the special-project scaffold discussed above, this client also uses Liberty’s long-term scaffold rental services. Long-term scaffold constructed inside each of the four units of the power generating plant allow energy workers safe and consistent access to critical equipment, both for routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

Liberty provides long-term scaffold rentals
Our initial scaffold rate includes assembly, inspection, and the first several months of scaffold use. We offer long-term rentals for clients who need frequent access to equipment. We also provide training to keep your employees safe as they work from the scaffolds.

Our People Make Us Great

When we complimented Martin on the fine work he’s doing here, the first words out of his mouth were, “I would not be successful without my amazing crew. They get all the credit.” We agree that his crew is wonderful — an exceptional, highly skilled team, but we still think Martin is a Liberty All-Star!

Liberty's highly skilled workforce
Martin credits his team for successfully securing a continued maintenance contract with a long-time client.

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