We offer our services as industrial scaffolding contractors, industrial insulation specialists, safety and hole watch experts, and general labor contractors to a variety of industries.

These include (but are not limited to) power generation, oil and gas, mining, chemical production, cement production and food packaging.

Power Generation service provided by Liberty Industrial Group.


LIG offers both turnkey and time and material solutions for all types of power generation sites. We’re available to provide scaffolding and insulation services for both general maintenance and turnaround (outage) projects. Regardless of your method of power generation—coal, geothermal, solar, wind, natural gas, or nuclear, LIG will be there to help you keep the lights on.

Liberty services Oil & Gas refineries


The oil and gas industry has experienced dramatic changes and rapid growth in the areas of production and refining. Liberty is available to provide scaffolding and insulation for both routine maintenance and turnaround projects. LIG offers a highly skilled work force, including well-trained, responsive project management and office teams to meet your needs and exceed all expectations.

Liberty Scaffolding, mining industry


Our skilled scaffold and insulation teams are available for both mining maintenance and outage support. We also provide services for capital project needs. Our professionally trained and MSHA qualified miners are ready for deployment, whether your project requires a quick repair, a complete refurbishment of equipment, or an entire process work area. We’ll bring the canary.

LIG serves the Chemical Production Industry.


LIG’s experience with chemical production companies is unsurpassed. We maintain a well-trained, skilled workforce that will complete your job safely and efficiently. Confined space requirements? No problem. LIG will get you in, out, and up and running again. We provide the expertise that a less experienced contractor cannot offer.

Providing Cement Production Service.


LIG offers the same unparalleled package of industrial services to our clients in the cement production industry. You can expect high standards of service and safe, efficient scaffold and insulation work, regardless of what your job entails. Liberty is here to ensure that your foundation is always solid.

LIG and the food packaging industry


Liberty Industrial Group provides shoring and insulation services to the food packaging industry. We understand the need to keep the supply chain moving smoothly, whether you’re facing emergency maintenance or a complete turnaround project. We appreciate the importance of your specialized equipment, and the need to keep it running efficiently. Liberty is there to keep the lunch line moving.