Commercial Scaffold Companies in Florida and the Southeast

Looking for the safest scaffolding company in Tampa? Hoping to save on scaffolding in Miami? Maybe you want the best scaffold contractor that Orlando can offer. You’ve come to the right place! Whether you need industrial scaffolding in St. Pete or commercial scaffolding for your project in Jacksonville, Liberty Industrial Group can help!

Commercial Scaffolding

Liberty Industrial Group began as an industrial scaffolding and insulation company. In an effort to meet the growing needs of our clients, we expanded into the commercial market (and added a Painting & Coatings division). Our highly trained scaffold teams skillfully transform our award-winning industrial services to meet the unique challenges of commercial construction.

Liberty operates nationwide. We’re licensed in 40 states and have branch offices across the country. One of those offices is in Tampa, Florida, and our VP of Operations lives a stone’s throw away. Our Tampa office serves the entire Southeast, but we’ve noticed an increase in contractors requiring commercial scaffold companies throughout Florida especially. 


You may have read elsewhere on our site that over 75% of Liberty’s business stems from repeat customers. We’re proud of this statistic—we nurture our relationships. We really seek to be a transparent partner to our clients. If we aren’t solving your problems, then we shouldn’t be in the service industry. That’s what we believe. 

Unfortunately, not all scaffold companies feel this way. We’ve heard some stories—everything from tardiness and no-shows to inflamed end-of-project invoicing. But when you don’t already have a go-to scaffold company, how do you choose? Throw a dart at the wall? 


We asked our clients to share their experiences with us. They told us the major problems they’ve encountered in the past, as well as why they decided to use Liberty. Their comments fell into four general areas.

  • Scaffold Design
  • Experience
  • Inventory Management 
  • Safety & Inspections


An accurate bid is entirely dependent on the quality of the scaffold design. If I don’t know what you actually need, how on earth can I quote you an accurate price? Both over- and underbidding are bad business. Your project shouldn’t be put on hold while we run back to our warehouse to pick up more materials, nor should your scaffold yard be overstocked as a company charges you for scaffold you didn’t need.

Liberty uses a high-tech design service provided by Avontus software to custom design our scaffolds to your project. This means:

  • You get a virtual model of your scaffolds prior to build
  • See the scaffolds at your jobsite using augmented reality
  • Walk the scaffolds from your office — and share with subcontractors
  • Avoid markups due to onsite modifications and rebuilds

(To watch a 2-minute video about how this works, visit our YouTube channel.)


OSHA identifies the top four construction hazards as falls, struck by object, electrocutions, and caught-in/between. The scaffold company you hire must have requisite training for its employees, as well as appropriate materials for the job (like composite planks instead of metal in areas with marine or electrical exposure). One of the benefits of hiring Liberty for your construction project: our executive management team has over a century of scaffolding experience.


Liberty’s inventory management is second-to-none, thanks to our propriety INSPECT APP (read about it here: Cost Containment: How Liberty Prevents Cost Overruns). When vetting a scaffold company, ask the pointed questions: How do you track inventory? Can I see a daily report? How often am I updated as the rental expirations approach?


At Liberty, we believe the best way to ensure the safety of our workers (and those working around us) is to invest in third-party auditing services. Naturally we also do internal DAILY inspections. In fact, every scaffold is inspected before every single shift. We complete Safety Audits for each project multiple times a week, and every employee fills out a Daily FLASH Card identifying possible hazards and how to best mitigate them based on his or her jobsite location.

To keep our eyes fresh, we also hire third-party auditors to inspect both our job sites and our safety policy. Perhaps this is part of the reason the why Liberty Industrial Group won a PLATINUM SAFETY AWARD for our safety program for the second consecutive year. (Yes, we know it’s not polite to brag. If you’d like to read more about the award, issued by the National Insulation Association®, please visit our SAFETY page.)

We put together a handy guide to help you select your next scaffold company. The images are posted below, but if you’d like a PDF of the document, just shoot us an email at requesting Liberty’s Industry Guide: HOW TO CHOOSE A SCAFFOLDING CONTRACTOR.

If you’re looking for a commercial scaffold company in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or anywhere else in Florida, give us a call! (Naturally we offer commercial scaffold services nationwide. Visit our CONTACT US page to call or email any of our offices!)

How to Choose a Scaffold Company: Helpful GuideHow to Choose a Scaffold Company: Helpful Guide, cont'd

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